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Thứ 7, Ngày 01/12/2018, 17:00
Tay Ninh City
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Being the economic, cultural, political and administrative centre of Tay Ninh Province, Tay Ninh City has 7 wards, 3 communes with the area of 140.01 km2 and population of 130,899 people (2015). Tay Ninh City plays at strategic location in terms of socio-economic development of Tay Ninh province, about 100 km away from Ho Chi Minh City to the Northwest, 30 km away from Moc Bai International Border Gate (Provincial Road No.786) and 40 km away from Xa Mat International Border Gate (National Highway 22B).

Being the place with many important and blood-vessel traffic routes of the province as well as the country and region such as Provincial Road No. 794, Provincial Road No. 785, Provincial Road No. 786… and National Highway No. 22B. The internal and public traffic system such as bus, taxi from the City is more and more developed to serve better demands of the passengers.

With nearly 700 enterprises, 171 production associations, 11 cooperatives and 4 people's credit funds, the production value in period 2011 - 2015 of Tay Ninh City increases averagely 9.48%/year to create the jobs for thousands of labors and make important contributions to the local budget.

The industrial-construction production value increases averagely 14.28%/year. The industry develops and diversifies, especially agricultural product processing industry with such products as: sugarcane, cassava, rubber, cashew. In Tay Ninh City, there are 03 trades recognized as the traditional trades including: aluminum mounding in Hiep Ninh ward, domestic carpentry in Ward IV and palm-leaf conical hat making in Ninh Son ward.

Many supermarkets and markets are invested and put into operation such as Co.opMart Supermarket, Auchan Supermarket, Cho Lon Supermarket, Ward IV Market etc. to supply sufficiently the goods to the consumers and stabilize the market prize. In parallel, the finance, banking, insurance, transport, post and telecommunications services are also strongly developed in terms of quantity etc.

With the development speed and available potentials, Tay Ninh City is trying to gain the necessary criteria and conditions to be recognized as the urban area of category II by 2025.

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