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News - Events
Thứ 4, Ngày 12/07/2017, 21:00
Tourism projects calling for investments: Lo Go-Xa mat National Park Eco-Tourism Area
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- Objective: Constructing the infrastructure to serve for tourism activities, constructing the eco-tourism, return-to-the-roots, resting, scientific research tours.

- Location: Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park, tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province.

- Scale: The total area of the forest is 18,806 ha, the area of the administration area and centre is 125 ha.

- Traffic System: Located on 3 communes of Tan Lap, Tan Binh, Hoa Hiep in Tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province, about 40 km away from Tay Ninh City to the North, Northwest following National Highway No. 22B which is very convenient for connecting with tourism areas inside and outside the province and international tourism areas.

- Potential: Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park is located in the West of the low land of Southeast Vietnam region with the diversified and various flora and fauna with many rare and valuable varieties recorded in Vietnam Red Book. The topography here is quite even with beautiful landscape which is suitable for eco-tourism, researches about the forest ecology etc. At the same time, it is possible to combine with the traditional tourism to Central Office for South Vietnam Base in Tan Lap Commune, Tan Bien district. The traffic is very convenient for connecting with headquarter of Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park and Xa Mat International Border Gate.

* Investment Components

Unit: Million VND

No.Investment Component/WorksContents



Function Capital source
1Da-Ha Stream Ecological Tourism Centre Area0.01Functional, specialized rooms for tourist welcome and instruction, registration and propagandizing programs and information advertisement.500
2Da –Ha Stream Centre Guesthouse 0.05Building 10 guesthouses in Dau Nuoc Forest and Dau Song Nang forest after the reception station next to Da-Ha Stream.2.000
3Stop at semi-flooded grass covers in forest0,035Constructing 01 public hostel following the open model in the forest, at semi-flooded grass covers in the national park.500
4Tourist Instruction and Support Stations 0,03Upgrading the forest protection and control stations to become the places to provide supports and instructions to the tourists traveling in the forest.450
5Ecological-Agricultural-Forestry-Social and Local Cultural Tourism Village Area0Supporting some households in the external areas of the core zone to develop the farming method conservation programs with typical features of the province to be the place for cultural exchanges between the local people and tourists etc. Cuisine culture and traditional trade villages.500
6Wharves 0,015Constructing 03 ship wharves to serve for ecological tourism: Lo Go Wharf, Ta Not Wharf and Da-Ha Stream Wharf including the boats to pick up the tourists in 3 months of rainy season.750
7Canteen 0,01Constructing 01 collective canteen to serve for tourists at Da-ha Centre equipped with equipments.300

Information and Documentation Centre for Cultural and Historical Introduction

0,01The place to provide instructions to the tourists to find information about the heroic revolutionary history of Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park.600
9Bird Watch and Forest Guardian watch Station0,05Constructing bird watch and forest watch towers in combination with protecting and preventing forest fire (5 stations).500
10Thien Ngon Airport Centre Collection Garden Area 2Being the peripheral conservation area of typical plants of Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park.1.000
11Garden Eco-tourism area 360Supporting the people to develop the fruit gardens, industrial trees, forest garden, fish ponds, ornamental trees, family restaurants, traditional trade, traditional music and festivals.7.200


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