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News - Events
Thứ 3, Ngày 19/12/2017, 11:00
Dau Tieng Lake
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Dau Tieng Lake is located in the East of Tay Ninh province, about 25 km away from Tay Ninh city and located in the tourism route of Tay Ninh City - Cao Dai Tay Ninh Holy See - Ba Den Mountain. Dau Tieng Lake is the biggest artificial irrigation works in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with the capacity of 1.5 billion m3 of water to provide irrigation water for Tay Ninh province, Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh city. In addition to the economic values, Dau Tieng Lake is also well-known for being the Lake Sea of Tay Ninh with the surface water area of 27,000 ha, oriented to invest and develop ecological tourism. In the lake, there are many islands and peninsula covered with the green colour of forests, and the most special one is Nhim Island. To visit the island, it takes only 30 minutes by ship, boat and this place is still pristine without external impacts, therefore it is very suitable for the tourists who love to discover the new and strange things and live with the nature. At the island, the tourists can enjoy delicious and unique dishes make of hemibagrus. With the wonderful natural landscape and favourable location, this is an attractive eco-tourism destinations to the tourists.

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